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ACTINCOM was created in 2001 by Jean-Jacques ANDRÉ in Luxembourg and had first seen the light of day as “Informatik Atelier”. The agency was rebranded “ACTINCOM” in 2001.

Growing strongly, thanks to the fidelity of its clients, ACTINCOM started by creating websites. It soon extended its panel of services in order to respond to a larger range of needs. Graphic Design and production of print products have been added to the menu and represent now a major part of the agency’s activities.

Since 2001, the world of communication has drastically evolved and the agency takes that into account. For example, social media play a big role in the development of many businesses, improving the awareness on their products and services. ACTINCOM stays up to date, following up on the evolution of technologies in order to anticipate and provide new opportunities to its clients.

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Jean-Jacques ANDRÉ

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